3058 AM Assisi College

3058 AM Assisi College

  • 12 Apr 0

This run will operate as normal to Assisi College 8.20 (except it will not transfer HHS students to 3027 at Charlies Xing Rd (7.40) In addition 3058 will pick up Assisi College students on Reserve Rd at 8.00 who would normally catch 3055 at 8.35.

From Assisi College the run will operate ‘direct – no stops’ to HHS (8.35) to drop off students who would normally transfer to 3027.

To reduce the risk of students being left behind due to being unaware of the changes, from resumption of school on Tuesday 18th April, a Header service be deployed (for 2 days) on the normal run times and normal stops of the affected services so that notices can be distributed to any students who were unaware that the run has changed.